Easy Care Guide for Philodendron Burle Marx Fantasy

Introduction to Philodendron Burle Marx Fantasy

The Philodendron Burle Marx Fantasy is a highly sought-after houseplant due to its unique, heart-shaped leaves and easy care requirements. It is named in honor of the famed Brazilian landscape architect Roberto Burle Marx and has captured the hearts of plant enthusiasts around the world. This plant not only adds a touch of tropical sophistication to your space but is also an attractive and resilient addition to any indoor plant collection. In order to thrive, the Philodendron Burle Marx Fantasy requires a bit of attention and care. This easy care guide will assist you in maintaining the health and beauty of your plant.

Optimal Growing Conditions

Light Requirements

Philodendron Burle Marx Fantasy prefers bright, indirect light but it can also tolerate medium light levels. It’s important to avoid direct sunlight as this can scorch its delicate leaves. A north or east-facing window is an ideal location for your Fantasy, providing it with the perfect balance of light throughout the day.

Watering Routine

This philodendron variety enjoys a consistent watering schedule. Allow the top couple of inches of soil to dry out before watering again. Overwatering can lead to root rot, so it’s crucial to ensure the pot has good drainage. If the leaves start to droop or appear wilted, this can be a sign that your plant requires water.

Temperature and Humidity

Philodendron Burle Marx Fantasy prefers warm temperatures ranging between 65-80°F (18-27°C). It will not tolerate temperatures below 55°F (13°C), so ensure it’s kept away from drafts and cold windows in the winter. Humidity is also a significant factor in your Philodendron’s health. This tropical plant enjoys higher humidity levels, usually above 60%. If you live in a dry climate, consider using a humidifier or placing a water tray near your plant to increase moisture in the air.

Soil and Fertilization

Soil Mix

The ideal soil mix for Philodendron Burle Marx Fantasy should be well-draining yet nutrient-rich. A mixture of peat, perlite, and pine bark is a good combination, providing the necessary aeration and support for the roots. The soil should retain some moisture without becoming waterlogged.


Feeding your Philodendron Burle Marx Fantasy will promote healthy growth and leaf production. Use a balanced, water-soluble fertilizer diluted to half strength every month during the spring and summer. In the fall and winter, when the plant’s growth slows down, reduce the frequency of fertilization.

Pruning and Propagation


Pruning is not only beneficial for the plant’s appearance but can also encourage bushier growth. Regularly remove any yellow or dead leaves to allow the plant to focus its energy on new growth. You can also trim back any excessively long vines to maintain the plant’s shape.


Propagation of Philodendron Burle Marx Fantasy is relatively straightforward. You can propagate by taking stem cuttings with at least one leaf and a node. Place the cutting in water until roots develop, which typically takes a few weeks. Once the roots appear robust, you can transplant the cutting into soil.

Pest and Disease Management

Like any houseplant, the Philodendron Burle Marx Fantasy can be susceptible to pests such as spider mites, mealybugs, and aphids. Regularly inspect your plant for signs of infestation. If pests are detected, treat the plant with insecticidal soap or neem oil, ensuring to cover all areas of the plant, including the undersides of the leaves.

Disease-wise, be vigilant about fungal and bacterial problems, which can arise due to overwatering or poor air circulation. If you notice any spots or rotting on the leaves or stems, remove the affected parts immediately and adjust your watering routine as necessary.


Caring for a Philodendron Burle Marx Fantasy is enjoyable and gratifying, as it is both a resilient and attractive plant. By following this easy care guide and being attentive to your plant’s needs, you’ll ensure that your Philodendron thrives and brings life and beauty into your home for years to come.

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